Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Day Bulletin Board 4-16-12

This is the EARTH DAY bulletin board!! It came out GREAT!! Yohanna (my partner) and I discussed what we wanted the board to look like and also how we would incorporate the students Arts and Crafts. We made the tree out of tissue paper and everything was a cut out. At the beginning Yohanna and I, had two totally different ideas on what we wanted the bulletin board to look like. But in order to complete it, we compromised and as you'll see, it came out BEAUTIFUL! Our plan for the bulletin board was to have each student decorate a flower and write a promise that they would share with their families and do at home. (ex. I promise to turn off the lights when im not using it.) I thought this was a great experience with working with a partner and sharing different ideas.


  1. I loved this bulletin board! It was beautiful!